Store owners can find plastic containers and acrylic bins in numerous shapes, sizes, and styles, and this wide range of options is what has made these kinds of display fixtures so popular among nearly every kind of establishment – from candy stores, gas stations, and toy stores to amusement parks, carnivals, and other festivals!

It’s also this kind of versatility that helps these containers and bins work well as product sample display fixtures.

It’s important to remember that nearly any kind of plastic container can be used as a product sample container – the trick is to determine which kind of product sample display would work best for your store, restaurant, or other business.

Idea #1: Display New Recipe Samples

Whether you manage a restaurant, bakery, ice cream parlor, yogurt shop, or candy store, if you try new recipes, chances are you also want to give your customers a chance to try them, too.

For example, maybe your bakery is trying a new cake recipe, and you need a hinged-lid acrylic bin to display and help keep fresh small sample slices. Plastic containers and acrylic bins work well to hold small samples of brownies, fudge, cookies, and other baked sweet treats!

Idea #2: Display New Menu Items

Similar to new recipe samples, new menu items are great choices for items to display in product sample containers.

If your grocery store has started carrying a new line of cheese, you might want to create a product sample display to let customers have a taste. Similarly, if your candy store is thinking of adding a new kind of gourmet gumball or hard candy to the line up, creating a product sample display will help whet your customers’ appetites and help you determine whether or not the new item will be a success.

Idea #3: Display Drink Samples and Promotions

If you manage a tavern or a restaurant with a bar or drink menu, there might be times when you want to promote a new drink mix or offer some kind of drink promotion. Plastic containers are great fixtures for holding miniature liquor bottles as well as acting as containers for the drinks themselves!

Idea #4: Display Perfume Samples

The ways in which perfume samples are packaged and offered to customers vary from store to store, but generally perfume samples come in small tubes or on pre-sprayed cards, and small plastic containers and acrylic bins are great for holding these samples. You can also use the containers to hold the cards and the tester perfume bottle for customers to spray the cards themselves.

By Haadi