In modern production,Achievements green businesses rely on three Approaches Articles but also through green management, reduce the consumption of material resources per unit of product, improve resource utilization efficiency at the same time, enhance their own economic benefit, but also to promote the improvement of human living environment, reducing the waste of social resources, less green investment in order to achieve greater economic and social benefits.

Green businesses, the direction of the entire Chinese automotive supplies industry, all agreed unremitting efforts. Throughout the world the successful operation of green management business, is nothing more than to rely on the three Approaches:

Market is the life in the face of the rapidly expanding green market, enterprises should be quickly converted to business direction, the application of green technology, positioning the green market, the development of green products. In the future, the share of enterprises in the green market will determine the development trend, a new round of enterprise competition will revolve around the green market. To this end, enterprises should set up a special organization or with a consulting firm to collect all kinds of green information, surveys and projections of green demand, analysis of the green market, strategic decisions according to their own advantages, green business, green development programs, the introduction and development of green technology, green technological transformation of existing enterprises, and to prepare for the green production and operation.

Production to follow the inner workings of natural systems “low efficient cycling performance, self-regulation and control of the operating mechanism and the aesthetic laws of harmony and unity in pursuit of energy-saving and material saving, pollution reduction (no pollution) increase in the United States effect, to meet the green needs of the people.

ISO14000 is the International Organization for Standardization launched the environmental management standards, to obtain the certification, which means that the green quality of management, external recognition. Current, through the ISO 14000 environmental certification, and achieved the green passport for international trade, in order to establish that consumers favor green image of China’s enterprises are facing an important choice. Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.
Conclusion: The companies do not exclude themselves from the global village, part of the face should be the burden of responsibility “to fulfill his own duty in order to crowd in among the World Market Complex. Green management is enhanced through technological and humanistic management to the principle of minimizing environmental impact, a more aggressive and targeted action, the implementation of green management, the only way possible to win a green consumer, increasing market share and profits .

By Haadi