Travel is a vast topic to discuss and so is the travel industry. Once you are linked to the travel business/ travel industry so many things you need to take into consideration. Travel service comes with serving the customer with the best possible means to give them the best traveling experience, and managing different aspects of the travel industry. When talking about the travel field, the bigger your business is, the more difficult it will be to manage it and that is where automation comes in. Now the question is why automation or the use of the software is needed to manage it?


But as already mentioned, there are so many things that travel operator needs to take care of like, managing customer-related tasks, inquiries, suppliers, accounts, company reports, HR management, travel company promotion and so on. If you are a small level travel company then initially you might not need any travel agency software to manage it but eventually, as you expand your business then use of the software will not only ensure smooth achievement of your travel business goals but also, in turn, boosts your travel business with its effective solutions. Let’s see how iTours- Complete Tour Operator Software can help boost your travel business.

  1. CRM (Lead Management): CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the customer is the core part of your travel business, they require special attention. Managing the good relationships with customers includes giving them the best traveling experience with entire travel service right from booking their tickets, providing them personal login credentials to track booking status, quick support to customer inquiries and managing them effortlessly. All these aspects are difficult to manage without the use of any technology. The use of Travel CRM software benefitsa lot to the travel company. iTours not only automate these tasks for you but saves your effort and time and thus provides quick and effective results. What else customer expects from you, easy personal login, easy status tracking, support to queries, quick response to inquiries and last but not the least is good service.
  2. Suppliers Management (B2B): Supplier is the other important parameter of the travel business. As the traveling service is not only restricted to booking customers tickets, it is way more than that now. Services can range from booking tickets to arranging good quality meals, hotel arrangements and so on. So here suppliers come into the picture. Like customer relationship management, supplier management is equally important. Suppliers can be hotel suppliers, food supplier, visa/passport agent; transport suppliers, etc. iTours provides ultimate B2b solution. It gives you the facility to save multiple suppliers, provide them individual login like customers, easily make updates like (number of customers, type of service) into the software so the supplier can view the details at their side and can make necessary arrangements. So, in turn, this software saves your time of informing every supplier manually about the service you seek from them. iTours does it all for you.

  4. Accounts and Finance Management: This is a crucial part of every business. Along with customer and supplier management travel agency accounting software can be used to manage entire accounts of the travel business. Travel accounting software benefits in auto-generation of invoice, receipts, profit, tax and many more. iTours allows you to manage your multiple bank accounts, add tax%, manage cheques, quotations, invoices, payments, receipts, sales, and purchase hassle-free. Manually managing all these tasks is almost impossible and a hectic job and is susceptible to errors which in turn can impact your business badly. iTours is the perfect software solution that manages all accounting activities with ease and thus provides integrity and accuracy.
  5. MIS Reports Auto-generation: MIS stands for “Management Information System.” The information system plays a vital part in travel business success. Information is a very important and effective parameter that helps to create a new strategy for travel companies based on available information. The availability of valuable reports and information about various sectors of the travel industry can help travel operators to make new decisions that can drive sales to their business. iTours comes with MIS reports feature that helps travel industries to get multiple reports like an entire business reports, accounts report, HR report, tour reports (tour summary, package tour, group tour), etc. Thus travel companies can get a clear insight into these multiple factors and can find out pitfalls in their travel business and take necessary steps.
  6. HR Management: Along with the above-listed factors iTours provide HR management features. It easily manages all human resource-related activities of your travel company. Managing daily activities, user attendance, user salary, user performance, etc can be easily done with iTours.
  7. Business Promotion Without spreading positive word of mouth about your travel business, you cannot grow travel business and promotion feature helps with that. iTours facilitates easy promotion through various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc. It is a perfect system to promote special offers and discounts to your users.
  8. Manage Tours: This is the most important and complicated task in the case of the travel industry. Managing complete information about different types of tour packages such as group tour, package tour, business tour, itinerary details, travel dates, etc is a big hassle when doing it manually. iTours creates a great platform to manage all these tours easily. You just need to add tour details (package/group tours) only once in the system and it will fetch all the information related to the tour, via, airline, excursions and many more. You can create these tours based on destination and duration. iTours has defaulted in build list of many cities, airlines, states, inclusion/exclusion, destinations which makes your job easier to fill this information.
  9. Other Perks: When you think of using tour operator software to manage travel business, then it should be a complete package that satisfies all your travel business-related needs and iTours is the perfect answer to that as it satisfies all the key needs of travel industry and along with that gives you multiple additional features like, Inventory Management, Hotel Tariff Management, Live Booking for Franchisee, Customized Quotation Tool, Customized Service Vouchers, SMS and Email Notifications to clients, Lead Management, User Roles Management, User Data Sharing Permissions, Interactive Dashboard for Individual Role (Admin, Back-office, Sales, Customer, Supplier), Multiple Invoice formats, Payment Alerts & Reminders, Enquiry Follow-up Alert & Reminders, Services wise Auto Terms & Conditions, Tour Task Checklist & reminders, Pre-requisite information like City, State, Airport, Airlines, Destinations, Gallery, Email Drafts, Transport, Visa Documents, Accounting Groups, Accounting Ledger.

By Haadi