Bluetooth technology was originally created as a way of allowing various hardware devices to communicate with each other, without the need for wires or cabling. This is what you may well have heard referred to as wireless communications.

This particular type of technology only works over fairly short distances. It’s typically used to allow communication between a PC or laptop computer and a mobile phone, or from one mobile phone to another.

So you may be wondering how this could possibly help motorcycle owners?

The answer is that it can also be used to connect a mobile phone to a headset. That connection is, of course, completely wireless.

With the headset being composed of a microphone and headphones, the technology can effectively be used to relay the mobile phone signal to the headset.

This then opens up the possibility of motorcycle riders being able to have a hands free telephone conversation with other motorbike owners, or indeed with anyone who has access to a telephone.

Suddenly the world of global communications has been opened up, in much the same way that hands free mobile phones have enabled car drivers to communicate more easily in recent years.

By Haadi