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Let me tell you about this problem. My boyfriend is called Mark and we have been together for long enough to think we are as solid as a rock. But he is one of those guys who is keen and serious one minute and then gets flighty and remote the next. I find this is his worst fault so far. He talks about us getting married or having a baby and then he talks as if he is totally single and wanting to be on his own. He wants us to do things together and then he wants to go off and see friends and leave me out. It is hard to know where I am with this guy. One thing I am sure of is this. My boyfriend fancies our lodger.

Our lodger is a woman who I knew from work. Young, busty, long legs, blonde. She is friendly but not flirty. She has no guy in her life at the moment but she could easily get one! She could be picky and say no to the older guys, married guys, ugly guys and unemployed guys and still get plenty to choose from. She started to live here a few months ago and my boyfriend and her get on swell. But for about a month now I’ve noticed that he seems to be seeking her out to have a laugh and chat with and ignoring me. She is about three years younger than me. My boyfriend fancies our lodger, no doubt about that.

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My boyfriend fancies our lodger is an example of the sort of thing people could write to you for help about. But they may ask you about their marriage, dating, an ex, or someone they fancy and would like to get together with. It varies day by day. No two days are the same. You will also find that you can get free advice on this site if you are the sort who needs advice from others rather than being able to sell advice to others.

My boyfriend fancies our lodger is a typical example of someone getting in a state about something and needing help from a stranger because they cannot go to people they know. Or they cannot trust people they know to keep quiet and not spread the word about or be indiscreet. And when you go to people you know they can be self serving, advising you of what suits them…. i.e Jeremy advised me to dump my boyfriend and move in with him instead. Well he would do. He has been longing for me to go with him for ages. But this is self serving advice, not advice which is best for me. My boyfriend fancies our lodger.

By Haadi