Lets discuss some of the biggest challenges a new marketer has when trying to build their business and how carbon copy pro has for the most part eliminated them so even a brand spankin new person can generate $1,000-$3,000 a week!

1. Generating traffic to their website

2. Closing their own prospects on their products or business

3. Lack of credibility (nobody wants to follow someone that has had NO success)

The carbon copy pro system addresses these issues so that the new person can make sales while learning to market and brand him or herself. When someone goes to your carbon copy pro site and fills in their information you have professional closers that follow up and call your prospects to answer questions and get them started in your business. That eliminates the hassle of having to follow up and close your own people when you have no credibility or success story. Especially since you are new and don’t know what you are doing.

There is something very important to understand here. This allows you to create your success story and begin the process of branding yourself while you are having success with the carbon copy pro system.

So the new persons job is simply to send traffic to the carbon copy pro system and let the professionals do the work in the beginning building up your success story. You simply have to make sure your systems pipeline is continuously filled with prospects and the carbon copy pro will be closing sales for you generating you $1,000+ paychecks like clockwork. The power can really be multiplied because every time one of your new business partners makes a sale in carbon copy pro you also get paid!

So your main goal in the beginning is to learn how to market your carbon copy pro system and thats where the wealthy insiders team comes in. Not only does the carbon copy pro system have a massive database of free and low cost marketing methods if you join the right team they will be marketing using other methods that will double your success. Follow the advice in this article to make sure you find the right mentor.

Lets discuss the importance of joining the right team in carbon copy pro. It is IMPERATIVE to your success in carbon copy pro.

So as you can see carbon copy pro has eliminated some of the MAJOR roadblocks a new person has when promoting a business online,Carbon Copy Pro Review DO NOT Join Before Reading Articles mainly lack of credibility or success story and the need to close your own prospects when you haven’t even made a darned dime yet!

Who mentors you and holds your hand in the beginning will mean the difference between making $5,000 a month or $30,000 a month in your carbon copy pro business.

This applies to any company, any business or almost ANYTHING you do in the future where you will need help or guidance from someone else.

Before joining anyone in carbon copy pro do some research on who you are joining. Remember that this is going to be the person that leads you and teaches you how to market and become successful in carbon copy pro.


1. Someone that is already having success with a system you can follow.


2. Someone who stands apart from the crowd – ANYONE can join carbon copy pro and make money. Absolute newbies are making a few thousand dollars a month. But if you want to EXPLODE your profits you need to learn from someone that is doing more than the status-quo. Ask them what they are doing that nobody else is. Ask to see websites of articles proving their claims.

3. Someone who can teach you to brand yourself. You don’t want to hide behind the scenes forever. You will NEVER make the serious millionaire income hiding behind a website where someone else does all the work for you. While you are building your success story in carbon copy pro you need to learn to brand yourself as the expert so you can lead your own team.

4. Someone that you get along with. When you see their video you should feel like you could get along with them and have something in common or trust them.


1. How long have they been marketing online

2. How many people have they trained?

3. What do they offer that others do not?

By Haadi