A dirt cheap Recumbent Bike! Am I crazy? Does that sound crazy to you? Just because you’ve looked in some stores,Dirt Cheap Recumbent Articles and some online sites, do you think dirt-cheap is too cheap? How about impossible, is there a vote for that? Sure! All you doubters stand and be counted. Let me tell you how you can have a recumbent bike for $299…or less!

You saw them on sale for $1200, $1700, $2500 and more. Where are they on sale for $299 or less? You can’t find one on sale for that price…at least in one piece. Who is going to give away a recumbent dirt-cheap?

OK! OK! I know it sounds hard to believe, and for some it will be hard to achieve. Here’s the deal. As soon as some of you read the next few lines you’ll be gone. Why? Because you’re going to have to sweat and work for this.

Notice it does not say, “free” anywhere. Some will be more than up to the test, so for those ready for the challenge of having one of these incredible machines for your own riding pleasure…read on.

Just for the asking! It sounds a little overconfident doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you it worked for me so it can work for just about anyone who’s not afraid of the “asking” part. Is someone going to give you a recumbent for $299 just by asking? Nope! So what’s the catch?

Would you believe you can make a recumbent bike from a Road Bike frame, and about the only things you will need to buy are a front wheel, tire and tube, about 8′ of galvanized electrical conduit, gear and brake cables for a tandem bike (available at almost any LBS), and maybe a seat.

Now assuming that you have some simple tools, like a hacksaw, tape measure, files, and a way to sand the frame and galvanized conduit, you’re just about ready to go. The only thing missing so far is a Road Bike frame.

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