celebrated for its robust and athletic frame, an embodiment of versatility and strength. This well-proportioned breed displays a natural aptitude to thrive in various environments, thanks to its sturdy build and adaptable nature.
Size and Proportions

Characterized by solid musculature and an agile stance, the male Dutch Shepherd typically stands tall at 22.5 to 24.5 inches whereas its female counterpart measures in the range of 21.5 to 23.5 inches. When it comes to the Dutch Shepherd weight, the spectrum varies from 45 to 75 pounds, exhibiting a commendable balance between heft and agility — a trait that underlines their herding legacy.
Distinctive Coat Varieties
The functional beauty of the Dutch Shepherd is complemented by its distinct coat varieties. Be it the short-haired variant that exudes a sleek, no-nonsense look, the long-haired variety that presents a more flowing and graceful silhouette, or the rare rough-coated type, each Dutch Shepherd coat is a testament to the breed’s adaptability across different weather conditions and terrains.

Recognizing the Brindle Pattern

The brindle coloring of the Dutch Shepherd is not just striking; it offers a unique canvas of richly patterned colorations. This specific trait was earmarked in the 1914 breed standard to maintain the breed’s purity, setting them apart from their shepherd cousins. It’s the kaleidoscope of dark and light streaks that weave through their coat giving the Dutch Shepherd coat its unique and sophisticated appearance.

By Haadi