Thanks to a brand new application available for the iPhone and Android smart phones, finding adult entertainment on London has just got a whole lot easier. Launched in June, Naughty Cities: The Smart Guide To Night Life has been designed to take the hassle out of searching for adult entertainment in any of the world’s major cities. Although still in its infancy, the application is being criticised for getting off to a slow start which to date only allows one to search for adult entertainment in London, Berlin and New York; with a new city to be made available each month.

At a rate of only one new city per month, some users may be waiting a long time for locations to be added which will be of use to them. Shouts for the inclusion of Miami, Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles are in the comments of the applications’ blog, where the majority of ‘low scorers’ seem to be largely disappointed with “only three cities”. It’s almost as if the application has been launched in a pre-beta stage, however everything does work, so maybe that is a little unfair. It just needs to expand its database a lot quicker the 12 cities a year, otherwise it’ll be overtaken by a competing app aimed at the adult entertainment market.

Not surprisingly, the high scorers are based in one of the three cities included and find it straightforward and easy to use. Adult entertainment is divided into eight main categories being; strip clubs, swingers clubs, escorts, erotic massage, sex shops, gay, fetish and ‘others’, so it won’t take a genius to find what you’re looking for. Opting for strip clubs and selecting London as the city delivers a list of all the adult clubs in London which are found in the applications’ database, which appears to gather it’s data from Touch London and other established directories

By Haadi