What Are Positive Evidences?
Generally speaking, positive evidences are things in your life that are working out well for you or that you feel great about! PEs can be physical, emotional or mental, and are really all around you if you take the time to locate them. They may be represented in a good feeling that you have about something or someone, in an idea or an “Aha!” moment that you experience, or even in something that shows up in your life physically. Often times, these are described by people as reasons to smile, laugh or feel great.

Examples of Positive Evidences
The things in life that may be considered as positive evidences can vary greatly from person to person. Some common examples include:


Feeling great about your day upon waking up in the morning.
Having a good meal that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled.
Recognizing the people in your life who support and encourage you.
Feeling a sense of accomplishment upon achieving a desired goal.
Moments when things seem to work out perfectly for you.
Timing that works to your advantage or to your pleasure.
Enjoying your surroundings and feeling great just to be alive.

Why Are Positive Evidences Important?
Positive evidences, while quite easy to locate in life, really make a huge impact on your success and the way that you view each day. Why? Because as you start to take note and focus on all of the things around you that work well and come together as you want them to, then these positive evidences activate higher vibrations within you. When this happens over a period of time, you will find yourself expecting the positive, actively seeking good opportunities and becoming more intent on accomplishing things that satisfy you in your life. As you anticipate more positive evidences each and every day, you will begin to see them happen! This puts you in the driver’s seat of your vibrational output and gives you immense control over your job, your responsibilities, and your life.

By Haadi