announces Special FREE Offer for real estate agents, agencies and construction companies. Starting from February 15th until May 15th, 2005 all real estate professionals have a chance to add the unlimited number of real estate listings to Real Estate Gates Listing Directory absolutely free! Listings you place will have your name and e-mail in there, so that potential buyers or tenants could contact you when they are interested.

Exposition of a listing lasts until the corresponding property gets sold or rented!

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Special Offer! All real estate agents, brokers, agencies, affiliating offices, construction companies and developers registered with RealEstateGates Directory have an opportunity to place the unlimited number of real estate listings absolutely free. Positioning duration depends on sale or rent of the property. Listings placed by Directory Members are attached to their Directory profiles and advertise them as real estate pros.

Registration for real estate agents and brokers – $69.96 per year + unlimited listings FREE*
Registration for real estate agencies and affiliating offices – $99.95 per year + unlimited listings FREE*
Registration for construction companies and developers – $99.95 per year + unlimited listings FREE*

* – the offer is available from Feb 15 till May 15

If you are registered with the Directory, your listings will contain your photo/logo linked to your full directory profile with your full contact information, as well as testimonials, achievements and experience. Users will be able to find you and your listings both through the Directory and Real Estate Listings. All Directory profiles are linked to your personal or your corporate website (if any).

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Users of the portal often leave inquiries for certain properties specifying their preferences to the real estate they would like to buy or to rent. If the requirements match the criteria of your listings, the user gets notified by e-mail about the available listings. It can be yours there!

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Thus, the more precise your property description is, the more chances for fast response you have.

Advantages of property listing placement in the Real Estate Listings Directory

– Listings are all free! (Feb 15 – May 15, 2005)
– Free exposition until sold or rented
– Your listings are attached to your Directory profile (if registered with the Directory)
– The listing information is delivered to users upon their inquiries
-You don’t have to pay any additional fees if you sell a property through the portal
-The most active Directory members are recommended by
– Timely discounts and special offers for Directory members
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The offer is available from Feb 15 till May 15, 2005

By Haadi