We’ve all heard of dismal banner click-throughs of less than 1%
as being the industry standard.

This means that less than 1 person in 100 will actually click on
the banner displayed on the web page he’s
looking at!

If you’re an Associate selling a product via banners on your web
site, this is simply not good news.

Because you will never close 100% of your prospects. And if your
traffic count is only 100 a day, it would mean you only have 30
actual prospects a month (one a day). And assuming your
Principal’s Killer Sales Letter sells one prospect out of every
10 (which is a great conversion rate, by the way),
you’ll be making only 3 sales for the month.
2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

But what if you could get all or almost all of those 100
visitors to click on your banner? You’ll
have close to 3000 prospects, and 300 sales for the month based on the same
conversion rate!

You’ve just increased your sales by 100 times! But are we
dreaming here?

Here’s the good news:

You CAN get almost ALL, if not all, your visitors to click on
the banners while they’re at your site!

All you need to do is to understand a little psychology. Because
when you know the reasons why very few prospects ever click on a
banner when they see it, you’ll be able to devise a strategy and
the right tactics to override their reasons and achieve whatever
you wanted them to do all along.0

By Haadi