Stress and anxiety go hand in hand these days, and that’s why people are becoming casual about it. But as long as the stress and anxiety is not interfering with your personal life it is all right. But the moment stress and anxiety starts head on with your personal life that means there is something terribly wrong. What is stress and anxiety – Well that is something which you are facing every day but when the definition of stress and anxiety is being asked and whether they are suffering from it, most of the time people says no to it. They are very much aware but still they run away accepting it.Stress is something which is making you tense and tired, and you are feeling pressurized because you have been asked to do it. Therefore, when you are tense and tired it is quite obvious that you may be feeling anxious when a pack of work is assigned to you. You want to run away but you can’t. Stress and anxiety is therefore, make you uncomfortable not just mentally but physically also you get affected by it. You may develop the problem of blood pressure and you may develop blood sugar also.

This is because the stress and anxiety is always keeping you at toes in your job.Because of this busy schedule you don’t able to find time for yourself and thus in-spite of knowing that it is all about the stress and anxiety you could even able to see the doctor and only when things get serious you starts going to see the doctor. But that is not at all good for you and your body. Stress and anxiety can be detrimental to the health and you have to find out way to keep yourself healthy. Why I am emphasizing the importance of it because if you are not keeping yourself healthy then you are ruining your personal life also which in turn would disturb your family members also.Therefore, you have to be very careful, because the stress and anxiety may seems like very common thing and there is no doubt about it as the world is becoming very fast paced and one just can’t wish it away. But its consequences can be severe and you may be putting your self in danger.Blood pressure and sugar may be commonplace but these life style diseases if not managed in proper time may take your life. So, you have to learn to manage these life style diseases just like you are managing your work. And believe me if you are managing your health, you are best manager in the world. By managing the stress and anxiety in the work you are also saving your personal life into going into chaos. Therefore, the onus is lying on you that how well you can manage the things at both the front. So, in case of stress and anxiety is bothering you go and consult a doctor and you will be alright.

By Haadi