language. Cats can also distinguish between colours. Cats are used in scientific studies related to vision because cats have more nerve cells in their brain for vision as compared to human beings and all other mammals. Cats have also been used in sleep studies. There are same types of sleep stages in cats and human beings having similar wave patterns. Cats dream in deep sleep stage like human beings. Kittens begin dreaming at just two weeks age. Cats have light sleep and dark sleep stages like human beings. Cat behaves like children of human beings. Many books on cat behaviour are available at Many books Cat Behaviour, Manual of feline behaviour, The domestic cat the biology of its behaviour, The behaviour of the domestic cat, Collins cat and kitten behaviour are available at For more information about cats visit the website The cats have emotions and feelings like human beings. Cats think and take decisions like human beings. Some pet cats are jealous of other pet animals kept in the same house. Every cat has its different personality like human beings. There are some cats whose psyches are characterized as timid, impudent, obedient, stubborn, tranquil, spiteful, courageous and vile. Cats do very well in psychomatric tests.

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Cats have excellent observation power. Cats exhibit considerable aptitude for learning by observation and experience. Observation power of cats is greater than any other domestic animal. Memory of cats is sharper than any other animal. Like human beings cats have both long term and short term memory. Cats have excellent memories. The knowledge attained by cat by means of observation, trial and error is retained for whole life. According to the research work done at University of Michigan and the Department of Animal Behaviour at the American Museum of Natural History in USA , memory of cats is about two hundred times more than that of dogs. Memory of cats is found to be more than Monkeys and Chimpanzees. For more information about intelligence of cats visit the website and the animal planet channel website at According to the website of animal planet channel at, a cat never forget in its life. Cats retain information obtained by means of observation throughout their life. Cats can easily adapt to a change in circumstances because they remember what they learn and then adapt their experiences to various new situations as they present themselves. Cats learn by observation, imitation, trial and error just like human beings do. Cats have emotions and feelings like human beings. Cats think and take decisions like human beings. Cats try to keep themselves clean. Cat’s are nature’s cleanest animals. Cats spend about thirty percent of its life in grooming themselves. Cats groom themselves by their saliva. Cats clean their boby about twenty times in a day. Cats are most skillful hunters out of all animals. Cats are excellent swimmers. Cats are social animals like human beings. Like human beings, different cats have different personalities. Cats are most independent out of all domestic animals. A pet cat will respond and answer to speech and seems to enjoy human companionship. Cats communicate by means of their body language, facial expressions, table gestures, head, eyes, ears, tails, scent glands, trample by paws, salivation and different vocal sounds. The body language of cats is expressed with more than sixty gestures.

By Haadi