far as they are front-runners within advertisement campaigns and visual performances. Their idea features that light paintings is a next step in development of fine arts.
Julien Breton, known under pseudonym Kalaam, is a self-educated painter, who creates lighted 3D-paintings with the help of photo camera and hand light. Most of his masterpieces reflect calligraphy styles; in particular, he created his own language on the basis of Japanese and Arabic calligraphy. The process takes only 10 minutes, but these visual arts do not experience any editing.
Taylor Pemberton, American graphic designer, creates abstract paintings, inspired by traditional graphics. His work has touched walls in different parts of the world, covering them with curly and strict lines. The majority of recent paintings executed by Pemberton are made in abandoned houses and buildings, on the background of steel and concrete.
LAPP-PRO is a nickname of two German painters, JanLeonardo Woellert and Joerg Miedza, who are considered the inventors of Light Art Performance Photography trend. Their main feature is to shoot the painters’ performance, which was rehearsed earlier. Since 2010 they have become famous among advertising circles; their crucial achievement is a creation of advertisements for Nike Company during World Cup.


Toby Keller, American designer and photographer, works at night following the idea of Taylor Pemberton. However, abandoned constructions are replaced with remarkable beaches of Santa-Barbara. He points out with light some details of landscape, which do not seem obvious or vivid that much.
Light self-taught photographer Dana Maltby creates the most impressive and complex light graffiti in the world, for which he uses a photo camera, graphic design and performance. In his works smooth and continuous light lines are woven into various shapes and figures against the backdrop of ruined factories and deserted tunnels, providing common objects with flying fairy tales and magic.

By Haadi