Hellooooo Fit Fem’rs!! Hope you had a fabulous Memorial’s Day Weekend! Now is the perfect time to decide what your weight loss and fitness goals are,Make it SMART: 5 Steps to Fitness Goal Setting Articles right? I mean, we shouldn’t wait till January 1st to make a fitness resolution happen. One of my favorite approaches to setting a weight loss and fitness plan is to actually set goals. Sometimes we set our vision for the “perfect body” so high, we lose track, we fail, and guess what, we revert back to our old habits that made us fat and unhealthy to begin with.

To attain the full success of your newfound health and fitness program, you should also set clear goals and directions. With the Make it SMART: 5 steps to fitness goal setting techniques, you can now set definite goals that will continually motivate you to keep on going with your current diet or exercise program for you to attain the body and the weight loss you want. SMART is an acronym describing the right qualities your goals should have in order for it to bring realistic results. This acronym will easily remind you of these qualities and guide you towards the proper way to health and fitness.

This SMART goal setting plan is quite simple.

S – Specific and Significant
One of the important weight loss goal setting strategies is setting specific and major goals. Your goals should clearly state what is specifically what you want to achieve, and when to achieve it. Do not just go on saying or thinking, “I want to lose weight”. Instead, come up with particular details on what and how to achieve your goals. Know your main goal, when will you attain that goal, the ways you are planning to do to it and the desired results. So, instead of the broad and vague statement above, your goal statement might be, “I will lose 20 pounds in two weeks by sticking to my diet plan and attend 30-minute aerobics, strength, and flexibility classes every day, so I can look gorgeous in that sexy swimsuit”. The steps to fitness goal weight loss plan clearly guides you in what you would need to do in pursuing your goals and gives you a positive image of the results that you would get. Believe me, it’s a great feeling to see and think about the results now!

M – Measurable and Motivational
Keeping a close eye on your progress also contributes to the success of your health program. The weight loss goal setting plan also encourages you to monitor your progress. Keep track of quantitative factors such as weight loss and measurements to find if you are doing the right exercise or diet program that brings the results you want. I prefer to measure my body using a measuring tape; there’s nothing better than to see inches melt off my body. And should you not

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