A single person most often does not see the need for having health insurance. However, a husband, wife, and four children obviously recognize that health insurance is almost a given. As the size of the family increase, the probability of someone getting sick and needing to visit the doctor rises exponentially.

Those who have several dependents struggle on a daily basis to provide for their large family. Additional burdens present themselves in the form of insurance premiums. Larger families struggle with finding an insurance plan that both fits their needs and doesn’t annihilate their wallet every month.


Certain employer offered plans offer incredible discounts for larger families. Some plans, stop charging you if your family is over 6 or 8 individuals. This can be a great incentive for larger families as the cost of maintaining 6 or even 8 insurance premiums can be costly and could quite often cause a family to rethink the idea of having the entire family covered by the same insurance plan.

In addition to the employer based plans there are other options available to you when considering what health insurance plan to select. If some of your dependents are of university age then they could quite possible qualify for student based insurance. True, this isn’t the world’s greatest insurance, however, in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury you can rest assured knowing they will not be ruined by lack of insurance. Additionally, finding private policies through other insurance companies that offer discounts for larger families can also assist in averaging the cost of health insurance downward and save the family money in the long run.

Diversifying your health insurance options can go a long way in terms of reducing costs. Specifically, if any of your dependents are of school age, more along the lines of university age. If they are, they may be eligible for insurance through their college or university, this isn’t the greatest insurance but it will come through in an emergency and at the same time help to reduce costs for the family. There are a whole variety of options that one can take advantage of when it comes to spreading out health insurance, the key is just knowing where to look.

By Haadi