Another energy-giving of great importance is the acquisition of Self-knowledge, for by such work we will ultimately be in a position to guide others to fulfill their spiritual destinies, and to relieve them from suffering. Man, in our observation, spends too much time with glamour; with fashions and fads; with ephemeral baubles that does not benefit the soul–even with too much indulgence in matters of psychic phenomena, of “trying the spirits” instead of investigating the inner nature of the soul; of resolving psychological imbalances and increasing the awareness of the unity and oneness of all manifestations. Adam, or unregenerated Man, should curb his desires for sensation, no matter where it may be found: in the media, TV commercials, the neighbourhood gossiper, and–this may come as a surprise to some–even in occult or New Age literature. We should end our polarization in the emotional body and climb higher up along the mountain side; we should cease dilly-dallying in the astral world; we should halt most of our attachment and indulgence with psychic matters that more often than not, only arouse pride and arrogance.

Preoccupation with carnal appetites such as sex, wealth, power, and fame eventually lead to suffering. Man wastes his time seeking peace and happiness without–depending upon external sources or environment–and if acquired, he is deluded into thinking of the permanency of such a state. Peace and happiness that are dependent upon externals are artificial and transient, for matter is in a constant state of flux; and as such, an unreliable source of experiencing the state of well-being in a constant, continuous manner. When the Nazarene Master declared “My peace I give unto you,” it is to the unfoldment of the Christ nature within us that is referred to, which does give us a sense of bliss. Living in harmony with the Tao, and knowledge of the True Self and the laws of the Cosmic, leads us to abundant living; it provides us with a greater perspective of life of which all seemingly injustices that we experience and encounter in the mundane sphere are understood as blessings coming from God. Before the New Jerusalem can come into existence, all of the old values, beliefs, attitudes and customs that cause spiritual stagnation and inertia would have to be destroyed, and thrown into the flames for transmutation. Alchemically, Man is both the crucible and the philosophical matter to be transformed.

It is an axiom within the world of esotericism that everything that exists is vibratory. The differences in manifestation of objects being that of a variation in its frequency, or vibratory rate. Even consciousness or one’s personality is vibratory; and the higher the rate, the higher-the soul-expression, intelligence, spirituality, level of awareness, and habitual thought-pattern. Vibration is energy-in-motion, the exhalation of Parabrahm, the pulsating Word, symbolised by the ancient swastika. Without vibration that would be no stimulus to the senses, and therefore, non-awareness of life. What we sense; however, does not
convey the Real nature of things, for our senses deceive us, and our interpretation of what we sense is subjected to error; the brain sees what the mind wants it to see. Man, therefore, does not immediately realize or is aware of his transcendental being, his Absolute Self; he instead sees and believes that the “skandas,” his mortal aggregates is his Ego. Esoteric Buddhism teaches us that there is a self to be refuted and a Self to be accepted.; one is conventional, the other is absolute. The real nature of things the enlightened prince Gautama called “sunyata” or voidness. All is energy in motion; that which we call Spirit is energy vibrating at a tremendous rate; matter, on the other hand, is energy vibrating at the nadir of the cosmic scale of vibration. Nature, as scientists say, abhors a vacuum. Space is therefore apparent, and not Real. This seemingly contradicts the statement of the Buddhist that all is void; in reality, however, this substantiates Buddhism’s esoteric viewpoint of the false self and the Real Self. Space, and all manifestations therein, from this point of view are illusory; all is SELF, or being, and nothing can truly exist outside of it.

Man, like all other beings and intelligences is a focalized-pattern of energy manifesting within the Omni-consciousness of the One. At the present stage of his evolution, Man has come to realize the three-fold principle of awareness: the knower, the thing known and the knowing–this is a sense of separation, of duality; animals, especially domestic beasts, are on the verge of attaining this state through the cosmic process of individualization. As evolution proceeds, from the dualistic point of view, the present principle of awareness will merge into a state of Oneness, of being the All. From a dualist, Man becomes a non-dualist.

This paper may contain inconsistencies as it is presented in a shifting form from

By Haadi