Whether you have high aspirations for your child in the area of music or not,Music – a great tool to develop your child’s intelligence Articles learning and listening to music is highly advantageous for your child.

It is common for mothers of very young children to sing to them, in order to calm them at the end of the day, so that they go to sleep. Hymns and patriotic music are played in official occasions and conventions, to arouse patriotic feelings in people. Loud and fast music with strong tempo is played at parties, to motivate people to dance and “have fun”. “Romantic” type music is played in movies as accompaniment for romantic scenes.

Music has the power to change our mood and affect us in ways no other tool can.

In addition to all that and most important for our children, it has been shown in research and statistics, that listening to music results in the creation of special neural connections in our brain, neural connections that increase our intelligence. There is a very interesting correlation between math and music, and it has been shown that people who are mathematically inclined, are also talented in music. Learning musical theory is very enriching to a child, and listening and playing music is a superior tool for the development of the audio memory.

Above all, when your child is learning to play music, he is achieving all this growth, while having fun and enjoying himself. Offer to your child the opportunity to take music lessons, to choose his favorite instrument, and let him decide if and when he is interested. If your child is not interested in the present moment, don’t forget to offer it again later, your child might be ready to start at a later time.

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If you love music, or are interested in music yourself, why not do this activity with your child? It will bring you closer together, and strengthen the bond you have with your child forever! Music is an excellent tool to improve your relationship with your child, especially during the “difficult” teenage years.

Babies and Toddlers: Start with listening to music. If you have a newborn, or a young baby, you can play classical music during the day, while you are doing all other activities. It is also good to play soft, classical music while the child is asleep. A good time to play classical music is while you are driving with your baby in the car. But don’t limit yourself just to classical music! Play children’s songs, sing to your child and with your child often. Another thing you can do is taking your child to concerts. If possible, you can take your child to a concert, maybe with a partner or a friend, and agree ahead of time that if the baby cries, one of you takes the baby out. See how it goes. You might have a baby that is naturally quiet in concerts. Another thing you can do, is taking the baby to outdoor concerts. In most cities, during the summer there are free outdoor concerts of different styles of music. Those are excellent opportunities to expose babies and toddlers to various styles of music, while they can watch the players and the different instruments.

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