A native app is developed for a particular mobile device such as the smartphone, tablet etc which can be directly installed on to the device. Native apps can be downloaded by the users through app stores online or marketplaces such as the Apple app, Google play store etc. some of the examples for native apps are Camera+ for ios devices and KeePassdroid for android devices.


A web app is an internet enabled app which can be accessed through the mobile devices web browser. There is no need to download and install them on the mobile device. The Safari browser in ios devices is one of the best examples of a web app.

Both native app and web app have their own merits and demerits. You need to compare between the both before finalizing on the type of app you want to develop.


User Interface

When we compare between both these apps on basis of user interface, there isn’t much difference to be noted. Some native and web apps look and work almost the same way. Some companies choose to develop both native and web app to increase the reach of their apps and they also provide a better user experience.



It is the app development process that differentiates between a native and web app. Every mobile application development platform that the native app is developed for requires its own unique development process. Whereas, the web app runs in the mobile devices web browser and each mobile device may have its own features and flaws as well.

By Haadi