There could not be a better time to mull over the changes needed
in our life style than at the beginning of a New Year. This is
also a good time to set yearly goals and make resolutions. Each
year, according to statistics, almost a third of us make some
kinds of New Year Resolutions. Interestingly, although financial
future is our main cause of anxiety, our personal finance,
according to surveys, gets only to the fifth place in the list
of most common New Year resolutions.

For those of us who are still in the process of making New Year
resolutions, my suggestion is to give high priority to financial

Here are some resolution ideas that may change your financial
future over the course of time.


Lets make one thing clear! What ever amount of money you make
it’s probably never enough! The way our consumer psychology
works is our demand increases along with our income. This makes
saving really a problematic task! Some people do have inborn
ability to save willingly, but most have to force themselves.
If you are one of these people, who find saving a difficult
thing, you should consider the methods described below.

•Commit to yourself that each month you will set aside
minimum ten percent of your income for investment
•Make a strict habit of depositing 10 percent of all your
incomes directly to your saving account.

By Haadi