For the security of bodily and mental good health where on the one hand it is most required that we get saved from dirt from undesirable food and resting habits and also disease inducing germs, it is also most required that we get protection from excess noise and chaos. This precept has been known in India right since ancient eras. Imbibing an apt viewpoint for a peaceful mental state was emphasized a lot by our revered ancestors and along with this they would also say that for a well evolved life a calm peaceful environment is a must.

In ancient times big cities never came into being. Even a few stray ones found were populated very meagerly and wide open spaces devoid of any pollution existed. Constructing houses almost touching each other or constructing buildings having many floors was never thought artistic nor joy bestowing. Very much akin to food, water and clothing clean pure air for breathing, exposure to lots of sunlight and a calm peaceful environment was said to be most essential. This belief prevailed because the initial need of rendering bodily and mental health good and sound must first get fulfilled. Wealth, grandeur, pomp, fame, high social status, sense pleasures etc are very much secondary. Lest the body and mind remained diseased, how can the weak body attain other successes and attainments? Even if they are attained somehow how is it possible to use and render them well protected? A healthy and talented person with even limited financial and other means can remain happy whereas for a weak and diseased person despite possessing untold wealth shall experience the latter to be useless, pain inflicting and a heavy burden.

These days so called high IQ, sensuality, scientific advancement, civilization increase and access to untold measure of wealth has increased big cities prolifically. By and by in the past 10 years in India population of cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kanpur, Ahmadabad etc has doubled and further increase is going on at a swift pace. In densely populated areas there high rise buildings touching the sky are being constructed. Thus air and sun light availability is simultaneously decreasing a lot. More than half such high rise buildings are such where sunlight virtually never enters. Hence how can they even think of accessing clean pure air to breathe? Electrical tube lights and fans represent Sun God and Wind God. Over and above this, chaotic noisiness which in comparison to lack of pure air and sunlight, instead of being less is much more fearful to face.

By Haadi