Photographer needs to strive to increase the value he offers his clients if he is to stay competitive in the competitive photography business. One way in which a photographer can do this is by gathering information from his client before the photo shoot and then customize the photo shoot and the editing process based on the information gathered. This article suggests some types of information that a photographer should gather to improve the photos session experience for his client when the clients are seeking a family portrait session. Family Portrait SessionsFor a family portrait session, a client photographer should gather information concerning: 1. The names of the children and spouse. This will allow the photographer to memorize the names before the session begins. By calling the person by name, he will be able to personalize the session and make his client’s feel more comfortable. 2. How involved the parents want to be. Some parents want primarily for the kids to be in the session, others seek for both parents and children to be in the pictures interacting one with another.

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There is not a best way to go about this. However, a photographer should be aware his client’s desires. 3. Some details of the personalities and interests of each family member. By finding out these details, a photographer can customized the shoot and the editing to the personality of each member. If a daughter plays the violin a shot with her violin in a classic frame may be just what she is looking for. If a photographer did not ask about the daughter’s interest, he would never come to know to bring out these traits. The photography industry is competitive. A photographer can provide more value to his clients in a family portrait session by finding out the names of the children and spouse, finding out how involved the parents would like to be in the photo shoot and finding information that will

By Haadi