If you want to purchase a house but you currently can’t afford high monthly payments because your income won’t allow it, you can still purchase a home with the aid of a balloon mortgage loan which will provide you with the funds needed to become a homeowner but will only imply small monthly payments composed of a small portion of capital and interests.Balloon mortgages are becoming increasingly popular as more and more applicants select them as an option to purchase a home without having to make huge sacrifices every month to afford high monthly payments. The applicants can save all through the life of the loan variable amounts every month so they can afford the final lump sum payment of the balloon mortgage when the loan is due.Low Monthly PaymentsBalloon mortgages come with lower monthly payments because the installments are composed only of interests and a small portion of the loan’s principal. These loans are meant for those with a limited or variable income that cannot commit to high




monthly payments and thus need lower installments that they can afford without having to make sacrifices.The composition of the loan installments will be agreed between the lender and the borrower so as to suit the borrower’s needs and budget. The monthly payments can be lowered either by extending the loan repayment program or by reducing the percentage of principal that integrates the loan installments. In the last case, you need to bear in mind that the lump sum to be paid when the loan is due will thus be higher.Control Over Debt PaymentsThe amazing thing about Balloon mortgages is that you can seize control over your payments. There are only minimum payments that you need to respect. These payments are, as explained above, integrated only by a small portion of the principal. This means that as long as you want your monthly payments will affect your income only slightly.However, this also means that if you happen to have an extraordinary income one month, you can always destine a larger amount towards debt repayment and you’ll then be canceling a higher proportion of the loan’s principal thus reducing the lump sum you’ll need to put down by the end of the loan repayment program. You can do this as many times as you want and it is advisable to do so in order to avoid having to pay too much when the loan is due.Risks Of Balloon Mortgages And How To Overcome ThemThere is however, a problem with balloon mortgages that should be taken into account if you are considering such loan product to finance the purchase of a property. Since the monthly payments are low and there is a lump sum that needs to be paid by the end of the loan repayment program, there are chances that you can’t raise the money by the end of the program and thus you may default on the loan.Yet, if for some reason you can’t obtain the money and you fear you will loose your property, there is an alternative that is sometimes even offered by the lender in order to avoid costly legal processes. You can always refinance your home mortgage loan balance and get a regular home mortgage with a new repayment program. This will of course imply that it will take longer for you to become debt free. Yet, you won’t lose the property to repossession.

By Haadi