The Truth: In reality, drinks with a high alcohol content can dry out your mouth. Such dryness can then cause bad breath and raise your risk of cavities. Without saliva to moisten your mouth and remove plaque, harmful bacteria can gather on your teeth.

Myth #2: “Adding Citrus Makes Alcohol Healthier for Teeth”

The Myth: Some believe that citrus can make alcohol healthier for teeth. This view likely stems from the idea that lemon juice whitens enamel. If a spritz of lemon or orange can brighten a smile, surely it can also strengthen a grin.

The Truth: Unfortunately, adding citrus to alcohol would only harm your teeth. The ADA notes that even a squeeze of lemon has enough acid to erode tooth enamel. Therefore, adding it to a cocktail will only increase your odds of tooth decay.

Myth #3: “Drinking Alcohol Often Cleanses Your Teeth”

The Myth: Yet another assumption is that alcoholic drinks can cleanse teeth. In particular, the thought is that their contents would kill the bacteria in your mouth. Rubbing alcohol can disinfect a wound, so can’t a beer do something similar for your smile?

The Truth: Truthfully, high alcohol use puts teeth in great danger. Heavy drinkers are more likely to get cavities, as they may suffer dry mouth and neglect their oral hygiene. Furthermore, drinking alcohol can lead people to eat tooth-decaying carbs to satisfy their “munchies.”

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