January 26,Profit from Implementing Full-Service Now Articles 2014 deadline.  Full-Service postage discounts, free add on valuable services (IMb tracing, Start-the-Clock, ACS), “Full Service Tech Credit,” and postage incentive programs are just some of the incentives offered by the Postal Service, all designed to help mailers save money and offset investments made to implement changes in software, hardware, and process changes.

However, since Intelligent Mail Full-Service requires investment by mailers in software and process changes, it has not been implemented by many mailers, particularly smaller volume mailers.  Without the demand from their customers to use Full-Service, many Mail Service Providers see little reason to use Full-Service.  In fact, many mailers do not understand the value of moving to Full-Service and feel they can do business as usual without making changes to their current system.

Get Better service from the Postal Service while paying less








Some mailers see the biggest advantage of using Intelligent Mail Full-Service is that it helps the Postal Service to quickly find and fix a missing or stuck pallet after it enters the mail stream.  Non-IMb mail is much harder and slower to find and fix.  The Full-Service IMb on the containers and handling units are almost like a ‘license plate’ that tells the Postal Service™ where the mail is at any point in the process. This enables the USPS to be aware of a pallet that is not moving and get it moving quickly. This enables the USPS to be more efficient and serve the mailer better.

Full-Service helps you acquire best mailing practices

What mailers do not realize is that using Full-Service is not just about complying with new USPS requirements to be eligible for postage discounts.  Besides getting direct financial benefits, Full-Service helps them acquire best mailing practices that can have a major LONG TERM profitable impact on how they operate their business:

§  Reduce overload in your IT department by getting shop floor workers tools that automatically process work that used to need to go back to IT

§  Automate routine tasks and mailing procedures

By Haadi