were summoned to share their experience. They took this course of action because Russia has huge climate diversity. In each area the traditional medicine treatment is different and so are the treatment methods, extremely diverse. In the first place – all the healers having been summoned – they discussed about the mutual confidence in the various treatments of Russian traditional medicine. Confidence is a very important factor in accepting the traditional medicine treatments, especially the Russian ones, and in getting very good results from each treatment.

The Russian healers approached the matter of live water and dead water very seriously. What is live water? What is dead water? Are they myth, legend or truth? They started by telling a story about a man who was looking for live


What is water? At the first glance, there is nothing interesting about it. It has more than one state. Water in liquid state is found in nature, from spring to ocean. The steam from the tea kettle or the cloud, both are water, too, only in gaseous state. Fluffy snow or ice, they are also water, but in solid state. In conclusion, water is found in three states and, as I mentioned previously, nothing interesting at the first glance. But only at the first glance.

Everybody knows that frozen water breaks pipes and pots and yet, no matter how cold outside, water stays fluid in the capillaries. How many secrets does water hide, anyway? How many attributes does water have, anyway, when it’s found in fruit and vegetables or plants?

Live water and dead water are found in the underground sources. The spring of miracle water is one of these sources, the one that has collected 1,500-2,000 meters deep underground, after undergoing many filtering stages and after being enriched along its route with minerals and amazing powers from all the plants it came in contact with at the surface.

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