With Classical Homeopathy,Seriously . . . Just How Long Does it Take to Heal? An In-Depth Look at Healing—REAL Healing Articles the goals is “cure”—meaning there will be no symptoms of a disease, and hence, no disease. As homeopathic healing differs from all other forms of healing modalities, including other natural health services and care, I will discuss here some of the “things” that one needs to keep in mind when working with a Classical Homeopath for healing.

What is CLASSICAL Homeopathy?


The average person is unaware that there are different types of Homeopathic practitioners —so I feel this needs to be clarified so as to avoid confusion. In its basic terms, a Classical Homeopath (a.k.a. Hahnemannian Homeopath) practices according to the original “laws” of homeopathy, those set down by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann several centuries ago (Bhatia, January 2007). The main law of homeopathy, in fact, the first law, is: “The high and only mission of a physician is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed” (Aphorism One).

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