How to setup wordpress and mysql in your host site??? Well after successfully setting up my first wordpress and mysql blog site hosted for free and free from advertisements yes you’ve heard it right this is the word you love to hear “free” and just spit out the word and people tend to go crazyJ . Anyways moving forward I have decided to share the procedure on how to setup wordpress and mysql on a free hosting site.

Of course first on list you would like to search for a free hosting site and I suggest to choose one with positive review. Sites with applauding feedback can definitely support you fairly enough because if not you will just end up wasting your time setting up your wordpress and mysql site and with a wink of an eye and because it is free host can suddenly remove you or band your site from their of free hosted sites. One thing that you also have to consider is how fast is their support if ever you need to inquire or ask for assistance, do they have ticket system for this??? You can also check this out to the feedbacks and reviews available for them in the net. Now you are ready to surf WWW for your free hosting site. By the way I am using which also the subject of our so to speak tutorial on how to setup wordpress and mysql for those first timer and ei you can also check For the purpose of this tutorial article I would like to suggest that we use then maybe you can move to other site of your choice the principle here is that we grasp the basic at leastJ. Some procedures will be required you to do like of course signing up to them then activating your account. After activating your account you will be thru email some access information that you will be using to go around your site and of these is your FTP folder access we will touch this as we go to this article.

Next step in the setup wordpress and mysql procedures. We have to setup our Mysql database. This is going to be a bit techi but please bear with me. You then now need to sign in to their site as Member for you to be able access the feature available for you. Look for CPANEL go ahead and click it and this will prompt you a web page where you can see lot of stuff among these stuff we only need Mysql select it and you will ask to supply the database name you desired, username and password that you’re going to use to access your database. Now go ahead and save your work after saving you will be provided of the details you just have supplied I suggest that you save it we will use this to configure our wordpress php later on…[setup wordpress and mysql]

We have now accomplished two of the major step on how to setup wordpress and mysql. Now it’s time to download your wordpress. Guys don’t be confused with and the story behind that? Hmmm… okay it is just easy as this .com is limited and cannot support your theme of choice and for those who want to monetize their site it doesn’t allow adsense unless otherwise you go out and change the world hehehe and no setting up required and thus the purpose of our setup wordpress and mysql title while on the other side .org is pretty much the opposite of .com got it?! goodJ. Now google “download” so we can continue with tutorial on how to setup wordpress and mysql database.

By Haadi