Here are a few steps which will help reduce the risks of breast cancer to a great extent. These steps are not only useful in reducing the risks of breast cancer but also to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Cause of breast cancer is still a question mark and no one can pin point a particular cause which causes this painful situation. So what we can do is reduce the risk or take preventive measures. Leading a healthy life style with proper food, discipline and exercises are known to keep lots of diseases and painful situations at bay.

Let’s take a look at some steps that will help everyone in reducing the risks of breast cancer.

Limit consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. Alcohol; whether it is beer, wine or whiskey either limit it to one glass a day or just completely avoid it. It is not doing any good anyways. And if you smoke its high time you have to quit those things as well. It might be hard if you are addicted to these but as we always know it prevention is better than cure. These factors can cause a drastic change in one’s life style and other metabolic activities which is said to be the most common cause of cancer. Why risk it?

Eating properly on low fat food and keeping a calorie counter is really important. You can seek a consultant if you need help with your diet so that they can tell you what the best is for you from your weight, height and other factors. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and preferably cook for the day and don’t keep it for a week or two days, just for the day, what is needed. This can ensure you are eating healthy as well. Eating at proper timings is also important.

Working out, taking yoga classes, going to the gym, jogging, aerobics or any other form of physical exercises to ensure each and every part of your body is actually at work. Sometimes when certain parts go idle they get too lazy and creates enough problems to give us painful situations. Let us not give into the laziness, let us work hard. These days lack of exercise is being a major concern

Obesity is linked with breast cancer as a possible cause. Maintain your weight. Make sure you work out enough and if you are overweight, please consult a physician’s advice to cut down the weight. There is nothing to worry about if you are obese as well; these are just some prevention measures to help in reducing the risks of breast cancer.

By Haadi