There are a lot of companies that make garage organizers, but one company that recently came to my attention, because some of their products are bit more unique than others, is Quantum Storage Systems. There are three primary areas that this company specializes in: steel shelving, wire shelving, and bins and bin systems. Lets take a quick look at the company and then each of their primary product areas.

Quantum Storage Systems has its corporate headquarters in North Miami Beach, Florida, but for better servicing of the entire country, they ship out of four warehouses. Their warehouses are located in Miami, Florida, Texas, Oregon and Ontario, Canada. They boast that they are “the leading manufacturer and supplier of bins, bin systems and wire shelving, all at the guaranteed lowest prices.” And it only takes a quick look at their garage organizers to realize that their bin selection is extensive.

Let’s look at the bin and bin systems first, because many of these are also incorporated into their shelving units. Quantum offers numerous bins in many different colors and sizes. The many colors are not just for style, but also for color coding the types of items that you store in them. Many of the bins are stackable, but Quantum also sells many different cabinets that are designed, and come already stocked, with a selection of bins. You are basically getting a complete bin storage solution. These complete garage organizers come in large, wide, full size cabinets, either full of a variety of sizes of storage bins, or a combination of shelves and bins. Or you can get smaller cabinets and racks that are perfect for sitting on a work bench.

The bins come in sizes to sort and store small items, like nail, screws, washers and bolts, all the way up to large bins for things like power tools. Quantum bins are known for their quality, strength and versatility. And if you use their systems as garage organizers in your garage work space or shop, you will probably discover increased efficiency in your work flow because everything will have a place, even down to the smallest tool or nut. These systems are especially efficient in job work spaces, such as assembly lines that use a lot of small pieces, or for reducing and controlling inventories.

Quantum’s shelving units come in either steel or wire shelves. These may not be beautiful to look at, but they are extremely functional as well as heavy duty, making them perfect as garage organizers, or for commercial uses such as in a business warehouse or other consumer setting. The steel shelving units have either open or closed backs, with any number of shelves to suit your needs. The wire shelving is designed as either regular standing shelves, or as utility carts. Some shelving units that are specially designed for bins have slanted shelves so that you can more easily see what is stored in each one.

So, if it is time to seriously consider getting some garage organizers in your life to help you get control of your garage, or if you need to make your workshop area more productive, then a shelving and storage bin system could be perfect for you. It will allow everything to have its own special place, from the smallest to largest item, making your life easier and less stressful because it is clutter free.

By Haadi