Get Life Skills – Not Student Loans

Student loans? Who needs them? Take charge of your money for the rest of your life.

Part I (This article)
Part II Student loan consolidation has big benefits for losers
Part III Idea beats student loan consolidation and creates a winning mindset.

You’ll never need student loans with these ideas.

Grants in place of student loans – no repayments
Part time earning decreases student loans
Economising (builds life skills) avoids some student loans

1. Grants – Supreme way to avoid student loans

A grant is a gift of money that you don’t have to repay. Isn’t a $50000 grant better than taking out student loans every year for four or five years?

There is a club that keeps its members abreast of grants that they might use. You can avoid student loans. These grants aren’t confined to education so you aren’t confined to avoiding student loans. If you get a grant, save actively to build a nest egg and the right mindset.

2. Part Time Earning

There are lots of ways for you to work your way through college. What I like is that they encourage an aggressive "go and get it" mindset. Student loans encourage the "wait for it to come to me" mindset.

I have details of how a teenage girl made a profitable website. She’ll never need student loans!

One girl runs dogs. That’s right, she runs for half an hour with 4 dogs that need lots of exercise, then picks up the next 4 dogs.

Don’t lose sight of your target. You want to avoid student loans, not impress your friends with how much you can spend.

3. Economising

I had a grant for University. Fellow students complained their student loans or college grants were too small. I saved money from the grant by economising.

A dollar saved is four dollars earned. You pay back about twice as much as you borrow, with money from which the IRS has stolen 50%. So each dollar you save avoids earning four.

You can economise on these and have better health.

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By Haadi