The higher the concentration of precious metals—platinum, palladium, and rhodium—the more valuable the catalytic converter becomes. Dodge converters, depending on the model and year, can contain varying amounts of these metals, impacting their scrap price.
2. Converter Condition and Age

The condition and age of the catalytic converter also affect its scrap price. Older converters or those in poor condition may contain less recoverable precious metals, thereby reducing their scrap value.
3. Market Demand and Pricing Trends

Fluctuations in the demand and pricing of precious metals directly impact the scrap value of catalytic converters. Market dynamics, including global demand for vehicles and

environmental regulations, influence these trends.

Determining Dodge Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

Determining the scrap price involves assessing the converter’s model, condition, and the current market value of precious metals. Various scrap yards, recyclers, and online platforms offer quotes based on these factors.
Selling Dodge Catalytic Converters for Scrap: What to Consider
Factors to Consider Before Selling

Legitimate Buyers: Ensure dealing with authorized and reputable buyers to avoid scams or underpayment.
Converter Identification: Accurate identification of the converter model and its condition is crucial for fair pricing.

By Haadi