If you are a fan of upcycling old things to make new creative ones,Ways to Recycle an Old Lock Articles then you will love to know how quickly an old lock transforms into something new.

Your old lock may still be functional or not. But, either way, old locks give a vintage look and that is a plus point. If you are thinking of making something decorative you can upcycle old lock to make antique and vintage-looking stuff.

Extra Storage Rack

People always try to have extra storage space. So you can make a rack from an old lock for your entryway. If you are renovating or replacing your door locks, make sure to take out the lock without causing damage to it. If you think you cannot take it out safely then call anylocksmith in San Angelo if you are residing there.

You can create a unique upcycled rack in your entryway or mudroom from that old lock to hang bags, hats, and jackets when leaving or entering the home.

In addition, you can also make a smaller version of these racks to organize your closet or to give it a more organized lock and hang a mirror beside it. Surely, someone said it right that you are only bound by your imagination.

Padlock Drawer Pulls

Another simple way to reuse your old locks into your home decor is by transforming them into new knobs and drawer pulls. Remove the old lock and replace it with small hook screws. Attach lock safely to the hook and you are done. A basic chest becomes an adorable storage system.

Vintage Lock and Key Necklace

An epic creative idea to upcycle old locks is designing a lock and key necklace. This project is possible in different ways, so feel free to be creative with your old locks and keys. Polish the lock first then attach it to your jewelry chain.

To make a romantic gift you can make two necklaces, one with a lock and another one with a matching key. So that you can show off someone has a key to your heart.

Door Knob Towel Hanger

Most often people hang things on their doorknobs. If you are one of them and your doorknob is not working properly. This is a perfect opportunity to retain its style without sacrificing your security.

Create an antique doorknob towel hanger from an old lock. Screw the doorknob to a wooden plank or on the wall. Check if it is properly screwed in and hang your towel up there.

DIY Wind Chimes

You can add the vintage look to your deck or garden by creating an adorable original wind chime using old keys and locks. Gather your old locks or you can buy antique locks from any local antique stores. Use an embroidery hoop to the top, it will give a fancy look. Hang the locks and keys from the hoop using strong gauge wire or thick string.

Locksmith Emergency locksmith

Make sure locks and keys move so it can produce a unique sound. This DIY antique wind chime will give a unique look to your garden. You can best use your old locks in upcycling it to antique wind chimes. Similarly, there are many options you can avail of to recycle these locks.

Apart from this, if you want to repair your old lock, you can contact professional locksmith service in San Angelo TX or any other professional locksmith service near your residential area.


Did you know that you can upcycle an old lock to these adorable things? Now that you know these amazing DIYs, do not let your old locks rest in the garage with other old stuff. No wonder upcycling old things is a great fun activity but recycle your old lock in the easiest possible way.

Besides this, you will have a fun time upcycling your locks and also it will save you money. Moreover, you can try these amazing DIYs with your kids and teach them nothing is worthless. You can upcycle almost everything.

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