This is nearly always mentioned as IP Surveillance. IP CCTV is usually a system of surveillance units linked by a single network which allows businesses to view the security of their business.The IP CCTV system allows companies to receive and capture images of their property and store them online.You may be surprised to hear that using IP CCTV is much more useful than having analogue CCTV installed. Easy to manage and install, IP CCTV doesn’t need large amounts of wiring and the images produced are cheap to store. Unlike generic CCTV systems IP CCTV allows businesses to turn images and recordings into data and then sent via a network. Once on the network, the images can be accessed via a data centre where they can be analysed.This type of security setup can also be changed to work with existing analogue CCTV camera systems, meaning that you will not have to undergo large changes to your current system to experience the benefits of CCTV. When it comes to regular use IP CCTV also allows businesses to be more flexible when it comes to assessing images, along with higher resolution when compared to analogue CCTV systems.The technology of CCTV over IP effectively means that businesses don’t need to spend hours searching through hours of images as they will have more control over the original footage from the very beginning – each single camera has its own IP number so it’s easy to cross reference images from a single date and time. All of the data gathered is saved onto one network, so it is simply a case of easily finding the relevant dates and times.One of the most desirable advantages to IP CCTV is that the images can be accessed from any browser if the desired user has the correct login information.

The cabling is also much easier to install than you may have first thought. This means that rather than traveling to the office the people in charge of security can view the footage without having to manually look around the premises. In addition to saving time, this also allows managers to subtly access the images without raising concern with individuals in the office.structured cabling is an essential part of the system and if done correctly will provide you and your company with the tools to monitor security seamlessly.The system has a large fan base from a wide range of companies such as corporate companies, government and retail – IP CCTV can be installed in a range of existing buildings by qualified CT professionals. IP CCTV is now being installed into new commercial properties to offer businesses high quality security from the start of their contract, meaning that they will be geared up for future technological changes. What’s more important is that the IP system can run along side multiple network connections without disrupting others.Overall IP CCTV can save businesses hundreds of pounds a year if fitted correctly. The number of companies looking to have IP CCTV installed in today’s business world means that it is expected to replace existing analogue security systems in the next five years. To gather more knowledge on IP CCTV or to cost up the system for your business get in touch with the experienced team at Cable Talk, as they are highly trained in the fitting of IP CCTV.

By Haadi