What is blogging?

Blogging on the internet today is popular all over the world. Blog in short, is the term for weblog. A blog is basically an online journal where one can write to express their thoughts, ideas, opinions and almost anything for people to read. Blogs can be in several different styles, forms and layouts, the style preference will be dependent on the user.

Many blogging sites provide built in features such as hyperlink, straight texts, pictures, video and mp3’s for you to feature in your blog. For instance, instead of writing texts, you can choose to make your blog feature more audio entries. This is called audio blogging.

Broadly, a blog should have the following framework features:

a. A title for your post.

b. A body – for the content of your post.

c. A trackback – where other sites can be linked back to your blog.

d. A permanent link – where every article written by you has a URL.

e. A comment space – where this space allow your readers to post comments on your blog.

Advantage of blogging.

One clear advantage of blogging is that it is simply made up of a few templates. This is different from other websites which can be made up of numerous individual pages. This simple few templates format make it easy for blog users to create new pages because of its fixed setting that include slots for the above framework features.

This easy framework is especially useful for first timers and they can start blogging immediately. They have the option to choose from a number of templates provided by blogging websites.

Starting a blog.

You can start a blog by becoming a member of a blogging website of your choice. You automatically become a part of a blogging community as soon as you become a member. You can browse through other member’s pages, link them to your own blogs and make comments in their blogs.


Uses of blogs.

There are many usages for blogs, besides blogging for personal use; there are a lot of blogs for other uses, such as, sports, politics, philosophy, social commentary and etc. These blogs follow a specific theme. As such, theses blogs are a form of medium in which people can share their experience, knowledge and opinions about a variety of themes and topics.

By Haadi