India is yearning for those glorious days when we can boast of discoveries made by our engineers because they will innovate for India’s glory.

We are a nation of talented people who,Why doing M.Tech is a safe career ? Articles if given the opportunity, can create world-class prototypes because we discovered zero for the world.

As per renowned industrialists, we need to rejuvenate the manufacturing sector because it is crucial for our growth.

Taking a cue from China, who has invested in Science & technology we can usher in a culture of design & development because it is vital for development.

We can foster growth by promoting a culture of research in educational institutions. Schools should give importance to practicals because this will foster conceptual understanding crucial for innovation.

We may be an IT services country but not the innovation powerhouse because innovation will boost exports & growth.

We are way behind others in mass rapid transit systems, defense technology, jet engines & communication technology that will spur our growth.

We imported the metro technology & now we will import bullet train technology because we don’t have core research.

We require research infrastructure because it will foster innovation crucial for growth.

VGI wants to foster research in core areas. Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech in mechanical engineering.

Faster modes of transport are crucial because they reduce travel time and are inevitable for growth.

To achieve self-sufficiency, we require innovators in core mechanical areas because they will usher in new solutions.

VGI offers modern infrastructure that fosters research. Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech in mechanical engineering.

We should have arranged the resources that will spur growth in key technology areas because innovation will bring in self-sufficiency crucial for development.

Our fastest trains are clocking at 160 km/hr while the bullet train will achieve speeds of 350 km/hr. These trains are electro mechanical units where we distribute power along the axels under each car.

All axles in the bullet train are motored, which gives it maximum acceleration. VGI, with its state-of-the-art labs & workshops, fosters research in core areas.

Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech in mechanical engineering.

There is rampant infrastructure growth happening because it is crucial for the nation. We require structure engineers who can develop a durable structure that can withstand strain & stress.

These durable structures will foster the infrastructure growth of the country, therefore we offer direct admission in M.Tech in structure engineering.

India needs safe highways & expressways because they will reduce travel time & boost the economy.

We hear reports about badly designed roads that cause accidents because we lack research in highway engineering.

VGI with its engineering workshops nurtures quality engineers because they are crucial for the country.

Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech in highway engineering.

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There is tremendous scope for civil engineers because infrastructure is the backbone of the country.

With population growth & prosperity, people want to commute in their cars because it is convenient & safe.

This will entail the need for safe & wider highways that can connect distant cities.

The recently inaugurated Purvanchal Expressway is an engineering masterpiece because they completed it in record time.

We require many underpasses & flyovers because these highways are reaching out to villages. People want a safe way to cross the expressways because it is crucial for safety.

VGI, with its engineering workshops, provides the perfect atmosphere for research therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech in civil engineering.

India is one of the most polluted countries because we don’t have scientific solutions for pollution control. Every year we suffer from smog because of uncontrolled pollution.

Either we import pollution control technology or let it grow into a catastrophe. We require expert environment engineers who can devise solutions for curbing pollution.

By Haadi