When you are at the market looking for a comfortable bed for you, you will find numerous kinds of beds. The most famous preferred options when it comes to beds are metal beds and wooden beds. Metal beds are priced low as compared to wooden beds. Then, should you go for metal beds just because it priced low? Between metal beds and wooden beds, which one should you buy? Such questions will strike you at the store and you will find it quite difficult to make choice which one you should buy unless you are pretty sure about it.
First of all, regardless of what the dealer says about both the beds, it is u to your requirements that will help in choosing the right bed for you. Both wooden bed and metal beds are available with good looking designs. However, the designs of the wooden beds are much more appealing and eye-catching. When a guest enters your bedroom, he will immediately notice an elegant wooden bed and you will become accustomed to listen to compliments of your bed.
Metal beds require you to use spring-box or some sort of support for your mattress. This incurs more cost. This will make your inexpensive metal bed appear expensive. Wooden beds have flat wooden platform which supports wide range of mattresses and it does not require you to make use of any additional thing like spring-box for proper support. Since you are not spending money on spring-box, you will not be spending money on anything apart from the bed.

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Metal beds mostly do not come with headboard and footboard. However, wooden beds always come with headboard and footboard. Headboard and footboard play an important role as it provides support to the mattress. Since these things are not available with metal beds, you are supposed to spend money on a base like spring-box as mentioned earlier.
Even though the metal beds appear to be sturdy, you will not be able to restore the beauty of the bed again when there is a dent on it. Moreover as time passes, the metal beds will lose its beauty and you within few years you will have to either spend good amount of money on fixing it or buy a new one. With wooden beds, it’s a totally different case. Wooden beds are usually made up of sturdy wood obtained from trees like maple, beech, pine, etc. The wooden beds made from such wood are very durable and its beauty remains intact even after several years. The legs of the bed and other parts of the bed are very strong and it remains in fine condition unless someone unintentionally tries to break it. When the bed becomes old, it may not look good like it used to be when you got it. In such situations, you only need to spend a small amount of money on polish or varnish and you can bring back its original shine within seconds. Now that you are aware of the advantages of wooden beds over metal beds, you can easily make a choice and buy a comfortable bed.

By Haadi