As I look through my various forum links and review some of
my company email, I keep coming across questions relating to
generating inbound links to increase web site ranking. No
matter who you are, if you have a web site online you are
always looking for ways to improve your link popularity.
While most SEO practitioners will tell you that getting
other related, non-competing, websites to link to you should
be high on your priority list if you want better PR from
Google or better rankings, most web site designers miss the
most obvious way to get these valuable one way inbound
links. There is a way to do that plus generate additional
content for your web site at the same time. You can get
those quality inbound links while expanding your content
which will bring the search engine spiders to your web site
more often. By following my suggestions, you will be able to
kill two birds with one stone, and make your visitors happy
while increasing your rankings and making the spiders happy
all at once.

Everyone is an expert at something.

It’s true, everyone has many years of experience at
something. Maybe you have been in a job for the past 20
years and know just about every aspect of it, or maybe
you’ve been making paper airplanes as a hobby for just as
much time. Either way, you have 20 years of knowledge about
something that others could be looking for information to
read on those topics. Maybe you have already built a web
site taking advantage of that knowledge and are looking to
use it as a means to make a living, or maybe it’s about a
hobby and you want to make a living with that. Either way,
each of us has valuable knowledge that other people might
want. Why not take some time, sit down and think about your
business experience or hobby, and then write some “How To”
articles about it? If you have a web site that already uses
that hobby, or work experience, then it is a good way to add
content to your web site, and it’s also a good way to help
you get those inbound links you need to increase your

Using the Knowledge to Gain Link Popularity through
Article Writing.

Let’s say you have 20 years of experience with a company
where the only thing you did was to conduct interviews to
hire new employees. Let’s further say you were so good at
this that it was the only thing your company wanted you to
do. Because your results were so good, it’s the only thing
you did do. Maybe your prospects always worked out and were
some of the hardest and most competent workers your company
ever hired. You could write some articles on how to
interview job candidates to get the best employees, or maybe
write articles telling job seekers what companies are
looking for in their potential employees. If you have a web
site for job seekers, or a web site for learning how to
interview employees, you could then use the articles for
additional web site content. It’s already a known and proven
fact that the search engine spiders can be conditioned to
visit your site more often through your patterns of adding
content. The more often a site updates, the more often the
spiders come to visit. The more often they visit, the better
chances that your web site will begin to jump in rankings
because it is viewed as a fresh content site that updates
frequently and would be more valuable to visitors.

Some might think there are just some topics so vague or
uninteresting that it wouldn’t be worth writing anything in
that topic area, but the professionals know there are
readers for almost any topic area, and no one topic is to be

avoided because of poor readership. It all comes down to
your writing style, ease of reading, and your credibility.
If you can write gripping content that pulls your readers in
and informs them, then it doesn’t matter what you write
about. In the end, the reader will be looking for you and
not your article. This is not something that happens over
night. It takes a lot of writing and a lot of time to hone
your skills to that point. It takes writing daily and
forcing oneself to try different topics. It’s good to start
out with what you like, but to become a professional and
have flexibility, you have to write about other things too.
Not only will this experience help you become a more
professional writer, it will also help to develop your
communication skills in the written format. As you continue
to use better forms of writing and grammar, you will begin
to write content pages for your site that rank better with
the search engines. It’s a win-win situation all the way

By Haadi